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Country Skype out * Viber out *
Russia Cities .022 CAD .023 CAD .08 CAD
Russia Moscow .013 CAD .023 CAD .08 CAD
Ukraine Mobiles Kyivstar .081 CAD .208 CAD .39 CAD
Israel Mobiles .024 CAD .104 CAD .08 CAD
Belarus Mobiles .406 CAD .545 CAD .67 CAD
Moldova Mobiles .247 CAD .28 CAD .45 CAD
Kazakstan Mobiles KCell .188 CAD .235 CAD .33 CAD
Armenia mobiles Beeline .27 CAD .289 CAD .39 CAD
Azerbaijan mobiles .304 CAD .357 CAD .52 CAD
Georgia mobiles .32 CAD .429 CAD .52 CAD
* Viber and Skype are registered trademarks of their owners. Prices were taken from their websites at the time of chart compilation; current prices may differ from what is shown on the web.